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Asbestos Services - Collection & Disposal

Care Environmental Surveying Limited undertake an asbestos waste collection service to both private and commercial clients. We collect all forms of asbestos waste such as guttering, down pipes, corrugated roof sheets/roof slates and vinyl floor tiles previously removed by others and can check these are packaged correctly prior to disposal. All asbestos waste must be packaged in a specific way to ensure it complies with HSE Guidelines. Asbestos waste must be double bagged into UN Approved red and clear asbestos disposal sacks sealed to prevent spillage etc. Alternatively large pieces of asbestos such as roof sheets ceiling panels etc must be double wrapped whole where possible with heavy gauge polythene sealed with adhesive tape and labelled as asbestos waste. The large pieces of asbestos should not be broken.

To transport large amounts of asbestos waste, you must have a Waste Carriers Licence, which is why we are happy to carry out collections for both commercial and domestic clients using our specially built sealed vehicle. We strongly recommend that asbestos waste is not transported in private vehicles. Once the collection is completed asbestos waste is taken to either a licenced waste transfer station or an Asbestos licenced disposal tip. Following disposal we provide you with a completed Hazardous Waste Consignment Note which details the weight and location of disposal. If you have any questions regarding our asbestos collection services, please contact our team who will be happy to advise you.