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Asbestos Services - Removal

Our staff are fully trained and qualified in the safe handling of asbestos containing materials, and all works are conducted in accordance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, and HSE Guidelines. Care Environmental Surveying Limited will compile all Plans of Work and Risk Assessments prior to works commencing. All asbestos containing materials will be removed under controlled conditions. For further information regarding types of asbestos and their classifications feel free to contact our team for more information.

Asbestos removal can be an intrusive process, our enclosures can often be larger and more obstructive than people often expect in their premises. This is often due to large pieces of equipment, airlocks that are constructed to the external of the work area, and decontamination units that are best practice for all types of asbestos removal. Non-licensed works are less obstructive; however, we still require exclusive unhindered access to the work areas for the duration of the contract.